All firms providing architectural services within the Northwest Territories must carry a firm permit.

Firm Permit Exceptions

Individuals conducting business in the NWT using their own legal name, pursuant to the Partnership & Business Names Act (see GNWT Corporate Registries), are exempt from carrying a firm permit. 

Exeption is given to firms participating in a Request for Proposals or other project bidding process, provided that (1) the firm and its architects are eligible for registration at the time of the proposal or bid and (2) the firm and its architects register and obtain a firm permit immediately upon the successful outcome of a proposal or bid.

Requirement for Doing Business in NWT

Anyone doing business in the Northwest Territories must be registered with the Government of the Northwest Territories. Proof of registration is required to obtain a NWTAA Firm Permit.  For more information about incorporation or extra-territorial registration, contact:

Corporate Registries
GNWT Department of Justice
[email protected]

Requirement for Workers' Compensation

The NWT Workers' Safety & Compensation Commission (WSCC) has changed its policy for registering extra-territorial businesses. As of March 2019, "Temporary Employers" cannot be registered. WSCC defines a Temporary Employer as one who meets the following three criteria:

  1. the employer is based outside of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut;
  2. the employer’s workers normally reside and work outside of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut; and
  3. the employer carries on business in the Northwest Territories and/or Nunavut for 10 or less calendar days per calendar year.

If your firm meets all three criteria, you are not required to register with WSCC.  Proof of registration is therefore not required as part of your firm's application to NWTAA.


Requests for a firm permit require the following:

  1. Application for Registration of a Firm Permit
  2. Complaint Declaration for a Firm Permit
  3. Proof of Registration at GNWT Corporate Registries
  4. Confirmation of Registration with WSCC [conditional requirement, see above]
  5. Proof of Professional Liability Insurance
  6. Payment of Application & Registration Fees

NOTE: The Application for Registration of a Firm Permit is a fillable PDF form, and will automatically calculate application and registration fees based on the number of NWTAA-registered and Canadian-registered Architects provided by you.  Please contact the NWTAA at (867) 766-4216 for any questions regarding fees.