Architects Act

The Architects Act is the governing legislation for the architectural profession and the practice of architecture in the Northwest Territories.  It mandates the NWTAA to regulate the profession.

  • Architects Act S.N.W.T. 2001, c.10
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Bylaws, Code of Ethics & Fee Schedule

The Bylaws are approved by members and enforced by Council in accordance with provisions in the Architects Act

The profession's Code of Ethics is currently attached to the Bylaws, requiring members to approve amendments and additions to the Code.

  • Code of Ethics - see Bylaws, Schedule 1

The Association is funded exclusively through membership fees, which are established and amended by Council as needed.

Practice Bulletins

Practice Bulletins provide specific information and guidance on professional matters, including enforced interpretations of the Architects Act, the Bylaws and other professional standards.  Architects are expected to read and understand these Bulletins as part of their membership requirements.  Occasionally, industry stakeholders and the general public may find these Bulletins helpful in understanding the profession and the role of this Association.